Substrate Primers

Resinous flooring

Neopox Primer WS

Sets (Α+Β) of 10kg and 1kg
Solvent-free epoxy primer for damp surfaces


Two-component, solvent-free epoxy primer, suitable for damp surfaces.
Offers permanent solution in floors where the concrete substrate is wet and the surface is saturated with water.

Field of applications

  • Damp concrete floors (with water gathered in the pores - without rising moisture) which will be covered with resinous systems or coatings (Epoxol®, Neopox®, Neodur®)
  • As a primer of cementitious substrates which will be covered with Neoproof® Polyurea waterproofing systems
  • As a water vapour barrier
  • As a binder for resin mortars intended for smoothing, levelling, repairing, etc.
  • As a bonding agent between old and new concrete

Properties - Advantages

  • Excellent adhesion on cementitious substrates, even when they are saturated with water
  • Acts as a water vapour barrier (Class III) when applied in increased thickness
  • High chemical resistance (alkalis, dilute acids, etc)
  • Suitable for mixing with quartz sand of various grain sizes for the creation of multi-purpose resin mortars
  • Ideal for stabilization and sealing concrete and other porous substrates