Turning past experience into future growth


NEOTEX® S.A. has been established in 1959 in Greece and today is one of the leading manufacturers in several markets worldwide in the fields of Liquid Waterproofing (Polyurea, PU, hybrid, cementitious & more), Resinous Flooring (epoxy, polyurea, polymer, PUbased), Energy Saving and Repairing solutions.

All these years, the company’s constant strategy has been to differentiate not only in quality, but also in innovation and technical support. Due to these pillars of the company’s structure, NEOTEX® nowadays enjoys long term relationships with its partners, and continuously expands its presence to diverse markets, in Europe, Africa, Asia, America.

NEOTEX® has been certified by TÜV CERT with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 for the application of a management system in line with the above standard for the R&D, production, sales (incl. exports), distribution and technical support of specialized construction materials.

The past and present experience, the innovation, the specialization, together with a wellperceived and carefully executed development plan, allow NEOTEX® to look into the future with optimism and to launch every year new-technology and premium quality products in its fields of expertise, keeping in paramount place the initial goal: your satisfaction.