Self-leveling Epoxy Floors

Resinous flooring

Epoxol Floor

Set of 13,5kg
Epoxol®Floor Two component solvent-free epoxy system for creation of self-levelling floors

Fields of Application

Epoxol®Floor is a suitable screed that can be applied on cement-based floors which   need   high   mechanical   and   chemical   resistance,   e.g.      factories,laboratories,warehouses,superstores,parkingplaces,garages,
slaughterhouses,   larders,   hospitals,   schools,   etc.   Thanks   to   its   excellent covering  of  cracks  and  imper
fections  and  quick  walkability,Epoxol®Floor is also recommended for repair and refurbishment of old floors.


  • Epoxol®Floor  is a two-component epoxy system based on selected resins and hardeners without solvents which show great abrasion and yellowing  resistance,  significant  strength  and  chemical  resistance  (to alkalis, solutions of acids, water, petroleum oils and many solvents).     
  • Compliant  with  the  regulation  2004/42/EC  for  limitation  of  V.O.C.  in paints and varnishes.
  • It is classified as SR-B2,0-AR0,5-IR4 according to EN13813


White  (RAL  9003),Beige  (RAL  1015),  Grey  (RAL  7035,RAL  7040),  Terracotta (RAL  3009).  Tailor-made  shades  can  be  produced  for  a  minimum  quantity,  upon special arrangement

Epoxol® Floor Winter:

For applications in highly humit environments (RH up to 80%) and low temperatures (down to +5°C)