Polyurethane & Acrylic Varnishes

Resinous flooring

Neodur Varnish Mat

Set of 15,6kg, 5,2kg and 1kg in metal cans


Transparent two-component solvent-based polyurethane mat varnish with UV filters, cured with aliphatic polyisocyanates, suitable for the protection and decoration of micro-cement coatings and various other construction surfaces

Fields of application

  • Protection and decoration of micro-cement coatings
  • Protection and decoration of cementitious and metallic surfaces, natural stone, polyester, industrial floors, epoxy and other resinous systems in interior and exterior areas

Properties and Advantages

  • Renders a mat finish of high hardness, with increased anti-slip properties
  • Protects against water absorption and enhances the mechanical strength of micro-cement coatings and several other substrates
  • Contains UV filters, offering long-term resistance to solar radiation and yellowing
  • Excellent adhesion properties on numerous surfaces
  • High resistance to chemicals (dilute acids, alkalis), abrasion and mechanical stress
  • High aesthetic result