Decorative Resinous Systems

Resinous flooring

Epoxol 2874

Sets of 15kg, 3,95kg, 1kg
High-strength, two-component solvent-free transparent epoxy system


Premium two-component solvent-free transparent epoxy system, ideal for the creation of interior decorative stone carpets and for casting or embedding various items

Fields of application

  • Decorative stone carpets for interior floors of shops, hotels, offices, showrooms, stairs, etc.
  • Casting and embedding of items, electrical equipment, etc.
  • As a decorative coat on benches, tables, bars
  • Craftwork, creation of decorative souvenirs, etc.

Properties - Advantages

  • Ideal binding resin for quartz sand of various grain sizes
  • High flexural and compressive strength, as well as abrasio and scratch resistance
  • Excellent adhesion on various substrates
  • Increased resistance to chemicals and yellowing
  • Free of solvents, aggregates, and fillers
  • Classified as SR-C60-F50-RWA20-SH50-B2,0-IR4 acc. to ΕΝ 13813