Decorative Resinous Systems

Resinous flooring

Epoxol 2874

Sets of 15kg, 3,95kg, 1kg

Two-component epoxy system for casting or embedding various items

Fields of application 

  •  Ideal for the creation of stone carpets, resin mortars and 3D floors 
  •  Suitable for mixing with light or heavy extenders, as a filler for openings that show excellent adhesion for long periods of time (e.g. joint filling on stone floors, behind silver icons) 
  •  Hobby and handicraft industry – for the creation of multiple ornaments and souvenirs


  •  It consists of pure resins and selected hardeners and does not contain solvents, extenders or fillers. Displays low viscosity that grants great coverage and deep penetration (e.g. in capillary cracks)
  •  It has good adhesion on mortar, metal and plastic too.
  •  It has high chemical resistance and zero oil and water absorption.
  •  It has good yellowing resistance.