Substrate Primers

Resinous flooring

Neopox Primer AY

Sets of 5,05kg, 1kg

Offers a permanent solution to floors with rising moisture.  Suitable for surfaces to be coated with epoxy coating systems (Epoxol® Floor, Neopox®).


  •  Two-component epoxy primer (100% solids) with high abrasion resistance. 

  •  It is resistant to abrasion and chemicals (alkalis, dilute acids, water and several solvents). 

  •  It can be applied to surfaces with high humidity. It presents a very strong adhesion, even on high humidity, from the rising damp concrete. 

  •  Can be used on new concrete floors (less than 28 days), which will be coated with epoxy coatings 

  •  It is classified as SR-B2,0, according to EN13813.