Substrate Primers

Resinous flooring

Epoxol Primer

Sets A+B of 10kg, 5kg

Floors and walls (of factories, laboratories, warehouses, superstores, parking places, garages, slaughterhouses, larders, hospitals, schools, etc.), which will be covered with epoxy paints and systems (Epoxol® Floor , Neopox®) και generally on floors which need high mechanical and chemical resistance. Also suitable for stabilization of old cement-based surfaces and adhesion improvement of sealants (e.g. Epoxol®) on construction joints.  


  •  High hardness and abrasion resistance
  •   Offers good resistance to alkalis, diluted acids, water and many solvents
  •  Compliant with the regulation 2004/42/EC for limitation of V.O.C. in paints and varnishes
  •  It is classified as SR-B2,0, according to EN13813