Polyurethane & Acrylic Varnishes

Resinous flooring

Neodur Varnish PR

10kg, 3kg and 1kg
One-component, hybrid water-based primer


One-component, hybrid (aliphatic polyurethane-acrylic) water-based primer

Fields of application

  • Decorative micro-cement coatings and cementitious substrates of floors and walls, that are to be covered with polyurethane varnishes Neodur® Varnish, Neodur® Varnish Satine, Neodur® Varnish Mat and Neodur® Varnish W Mat
  • Sealing of porous surfaces and concrete floors to prevent dust generation

Properties - Advantages

  • Protects against water absorption
  • Maintains the natural appearance of the micro-cement coating, without significantly darkening its colour or creating a “wet surface” effect after the application of the varnishes
  • Suitable also for exterior applications, with resistance to yellowing
  • Very good mechanical and chemical resistance
  • Eco-friendly & user-friendly (water-based, one-component)