Decorative Resinous Systems

Resinous flooring

Neodur Polyurea S

Set of 8kg
liphatic polyurea varnish for stone carpets


Transparent aliphatic polyurea varnish, ideal for sealing stone carpets. It exhibits high mechanical strength and has long lasting resistance to UV radiation, without yellowing.

Fields of application

  • Sealing of stone carpets (e.g. from Neodur® Polyurea and quartz sand)
  • Protection of decorative cementitious screeds (micro-cement)
  • As a final protective layer on industrial floors, metallic & cementitious surfaces, especially in areas near the sea


  • Exceptional resistance to UV radiation and weather conditions. It does not turn yellow even after many years
  • Very good adhesion to numerous substrates
  • Protects the stone carpets from water absorption
  • Presents high hardness and resistance to bending, compression and abrasion
  • Exhibits good alkali resistance