Epoxy Coatings

Resinous flooring

Neopox Alimentary

Set 13kg


Two-component solvent-free high build epoxy system certified for permanent contact with foodstuff and flooring application

Fields of application

Foodstuff and beverages facilities

Properties & Advantages

Neopox® Alimentary is a suitable coating that can be applied on cement-based floors which need high mechanical resistance. It is a two-component epoxy coating based on selected resins and hardeners without solvents which shows great abrasion and yellowing resistance and significant strength.

Technical characteristics

  • Appearance: Glossy
  • Mixing ratio (weight proportion): 100A:30B
  • Material consumption:330-350 gr/min one layer
  • Hardening time (tack free) (25oC): 10 hours
  • Working time (25oC): 1 hour
  • Hardening temperature of application: 12oC   
  • Total hardening: ~7 days


Neopox® Alimentary Winter:
Special version of the product for application in highly humid environments and low temperatures.
(<12°C and >5°C, relative atmospheric humidity <75%, surface humidity content <4%)