Substrate Primers

Resinous flooring

Epoxol Primer SF-P

Set (Α+Β) of 9kg
Solvent-free epoxy primer for flooring applications


Two-component, solvent-free epoxy primer, for flooring applications, ideal in cases of substrates with increased porosity.
Qualified for use in LEED projects globally, by showing compliance with the specifications for VOC emissions and VOC content.

Field of applications

  • On floors which will be covered with resinous systems or coatings (Epoxol®, Neopox®, Neodur®)
  • As a binder for resin mortars intended for smoothing, leveling, repairing etc.
  • On floors and joints prior to the application of epoxy repairing – sealing materials Epoxol® Putty and Epoxol® Liquid for adhesion improvement

Properties - Advantages

  • Excellent adhesion on cementitious substrates
  • Ideal solution for substrates of increased porosity
  • High resistance to abrasion and chemicals (alkalis, dilute acids, etc.)
  • Suitable for mixing with quartz sand of various grain sizes for the creation of multi-purpose resin mortars
  • Complies with the strict VOC requirements for sustainable buildings, according to LEED guidelines
  • Eco-friendly – Contains bio-based raw materials
  • Classified as SR-B2,0 acc. to EN 13813