Self-leveling Epoxy Floors

Resinous flooring

Epoxol Floor Winter

Set of 13kg
Two-component solvent-free self-leveling epoxy system for application in low temperature/high humidity

Fields of application

Floors of industries, factories, superstones, warehouses, garages, car services, etc

Properties and advantages

  • Application in low temperatures and/or high humidity environment
  • High hardness
  • Increased resistance to abrasion, yellowing and chemical substances

Technical characteristics

  • Consumption A+B (1mm): 800gr/m2 mixed with quartz sand in a ratio 1:0,8
  • Application temperature: +5oC up to +12oC
  • Resistance to temperature change (in dry loading): -30oC up to +100oC
  • Humidity of substrate: <4%
  • Ambient Humidity: <75%
  • Total hardening: ~7 days
  • Maximum thickness per layer: 1,5mm