Self-leveling Epoxy Floors

Resinous flooring

Epoxol CM

Sets (A+B+C) of 31kg
Three-component, self-levelling epoxy-cementitious system, for flooring applications


Three-component, epoxy-cementitious system, suitable for the creation of self-levelling floor coatings of 1-3mm thickness.
Classified as a CT-C30-F7-A3-B2,0 screed material according to ΕΝ 13813

Fields of application

  • Leveling, smoothing and repairing of floors that are to be overcoated with resinous flooring systems (epoxy, polyurethane or polyaspartic) or prior to the application of ceramic tiles, wooden flooring, carpets, PVC floors, etc.
  • As an intermediate flooring layer on wet concrete surfaces (for min. layer thickness of 2mm)
  • As a final floor coating in areas of light-medium traffic, e.g. residential storage rooms, attics, etc.

Properties - Advantages

  • Smooth finish with excellent wear resistance
  • High adhesion on concrete substrates
  • Excellent self-levelling properties
  • Water vapour permeable
  • High mechanical strength and resistance to liquids
  • Does not contain any solvents or volatile organic compounds (Zero VOC)
  • Easy and affordable solution for smoothing, repairing and leveling existing floors, prior to the application of resinous flooring systems