Polyurethane & Acrylic Varnishes

Resinous flooring

Neodur Varnish

Sets of 15kg, 5kg, 1kg


Two component, polyurethane clear varnish, cured with aliphatic polyisocyanates. Longterm resistance to solar radiation. Does not yellow or lose its shine, even after many years. High chemical and mechanical resistance (thin acids, alcalis). Very good adhesion on polyester and galvanized metal sheets.

Fields of Application

  • Protection of decoration cement
  • Protection of internal and external low stress surfaces
  • Compatible with Neopox® Pool, as an added protection means against UV
  • Protection and exposure of stone surfaces
  • Suitable for protection of decorative bricks

Properties & Advantages

  • High strength and abrasion resistance
  • Long-lasting durability against weathering due to its resistance to UV radiation
  • Resistance to water, sea water, alkalis, ideal as a UV protective layer in pools