Epoxy Coatings

Resinous flooring

Neopox Special

Sets of 10kg, 5kg, 1kg
Premium, multi-purpose, two-component solvent-based epoxy coating


Premium two-component solvent-based epoxy coating suitable for flooring applications. Suitable also for a wide variety of complementary applications involving protection of surfaces, which are permanently or periodically under the influence of fresh water or sea water, of chemical solutions and their vapours, etc.

Fields of application

  • Floors of industries, warehouses, parking & car service garages, laundries, stores
  • Swimming pools, water tanks, fountains (not exposed to UV radiation)
  • Interior metallic and polyester surfaces
The above surfaces require appropriate preparation and priming prior to the application of Neopox® Special.

Properties - Advantages

  • Exceptional resistance to abrasion and mechanical stress
  • Very high adhesion strength
  • Resistant to alkalis and dilute acids, petroleum products, fresh water, sea water and many solvents
  • Broad service temperature range
  • Wide range of applications
  • Available in a variety of standard colour shades