Substrate Primers

Resinous flooring

Neotex PU Primer

1L, 0,4L
One-component polyurethane, fast setting adhesion primer

Fields of application

Νeotex PU® Primer is suitable for adhesion improvement of sealants (such as polyurethane sealant Νeotex PU® Joint) in construction joints. Also is suitable for stabilization of old or new cement-based surfaces, like industrial floors, garages etc. It can be applied as a primer on metals before the application of polyester and polyurethane materials. It is one-component (cures with the moisture of the atmosphere) and easy to apply.


  • Very high hardness and adhesion
  • High hardness abrasion and chemical resistance (alkalies diluted acids, water and many solvents)
  • It polymerizes with the ambient humidity
  • Easy to apply