Self-leveling Epoxy Floors

Resinous flooring

Gavazzi 1245-A



Alkaline-resistant fiberglass mesh for floors

Fields of application

  • Industrial floors and cement slurries
  • Prevents cracks in areas where different materials are met
  • Enhances cement mortals and other facings with thick granulometry
  • Floors with ground heating
  • Enhancement of Gunite 

Properties & advantages

  • Significantly lower weight compared with conventional iron nets
  • Doesn't rot or rust over time
  • 100% glass fiber
  • Flexible
  • Wide mesh width, that allows sand and gravel to easily flow through
  • Easily applied

Technical characteristics

  • Mesh width: 4x4 cm
  • Weight of unfinished mesh: 130 (gr/m2)±10%
  • Weight of finished mesh: 175 (gr/m2)±10%
  • Resistance to tensile strength: 2100N/5cm
  • Elongation at break: 4,0% ±1%