Cementitious Systems

Waterproofing systems

Revinex Flex System

Multi-purpose cementitious waterproofing system


Multi-purpose cementitious waterproofing system

Fields of application

The combination of the standard cementitious component (A) with water or with one of the 3 specialized liquid components (B), creates 4 different waterproofing systems depending on the required properties of each application:
1. Revinex® Flex + water: One-component, economical and easy to apply. Ideal for effective waterproofing in basements, walls, shafts, exterior walls to be backfilled etc.
2. Revinex® Flex + Revinex® Flex FP: Certified resistance to hydrostatic pressure of 7 bar acc. to DIN 1048-5 and ΕΝ 12390-8. Ideal waterproofing solution for basements, water tanks, etc.
3. Revinex® Flex + Revinex® Flex U360: Flexible waterproofing system, ideal for terraces, balconies, swimming pools, wet rooms (bathrooms, kitchens, etc.), before applying ceramic tiles.
4. Revinex® Flex + Revinex® Flex ES: Elastic waterproofing system with resistance to UV radiation. Ideal for demanding waterproofing applications on terraces and balconies under tiles, as well as on exposed surfaces such as flat roofs, exterior walls etc.

Properties - Advantages

  • Excellent adhesion on various substrates
  • Water vapour permeable, with crack-bridging properties
  • Integrated and adaptable waterproofing system to cover all needs, depending on each project’s specific requirements
  • Highly durable