Elastomeric Liquid Membranes

Waterproofing systems

Revinex Roof

1kg, 5kg, 12kg
Acrylic waterproofing coating for roofs silane modified Elastomeric acrylic floor cover, excellent strength. It contains silanes special additives that improve adhesion to building surfaces.

Fields of Application

  •  Roofs, terraces (made of concrete, cement boards, mosaic or cement slurries)
  •  Roof tiles and ridges
  •  Metallic surfaces
  • Air-conditioning tubes  
  • Old mineral bitumen membranes or bitumen shingles, of which their ageing process due to sunlight has deteriorated them.   

Properties/ Advantages

  •  Provides protection against moisture and dries into a smooth film that covers capillary cracks 
  •  Tightness providing excellent resistance to water absorption  
  •  Resistant to extreme conditions (e.g. seaside and industrial areas)
  •  It contains silanes that strengthen its adhesion to building surfaces
  • Water-based and one-component
  • Not affected by the UV radiation
  • Provides sun radiation reflection (due to white shade), decreasing discomfort inside building during summer months
  • Maintains its elasticity
  • Practical storage with increased lifetime
  • Compatible with older waterproofing systems
  • Certified with CE (EN 1504-2)