Nano-Impregnation Compounds

Waterproofing systems

Silimper Nano LM

3L, 1L
Water and oil repellent nano-molecular impregnation compound


Water and oil repellent, water-based fluorinated nano-molecular impregnation compound, that exhibits high penetrating ability and hydrophobic performance, suitable for exterior and interior construction surfaces

Fields of application

Vertical (or inclined) mineral porous surfaces such as porous marbles, concrete, cement mortars, plaster, bricks, roof tiles, joint grout, limestone, sandstone, natural stone with continuous surface (i.e. without cracks)

Properties - Advantages

  • Exhibits high penetration due to its nano-molecular structure, protecting from humidity and minimizing the water uptake
  • Does not alter the appearance of the surface – no skin formation or yellowing
  • Displays early repellence towards water, providing durable hydrophobicity and oleophobicity
  • Prevents rain from impregnating the surface and protects it from cracking due to frost
  • Facilitates the cleaning of the surface by limiting dirt pick-up & fungal growth
  • Presents high resistance to alkalis and prevents efflorescence
  • Vapour permeable, allowing the structure to “breathe”
  • Does not contain solvents or toxic substances