Primers & Admixtures for Cementitious Mortars

Waterproofing systems

Neotex Metal Primer

3L and 1
Water-based, one-component anti-corrosive primer


Water-based, one-component anti-corrosive primer for old or new metallic surfaces

Fields of application

On old or new surfaces of iron or steel, in interior or exterior areas, which are to be covered with water-based waterproofing coatings (e.g. Neoproof® PU W, Neoroof®, Revinex® Elastic, etc.)

Properties - Advantages

  • Ideal for the anti-corrosive protection of metallic surfaces, prior to the application of water-based coatings
  • Very strong adhesion on metallic substrates
  • Resilient to adverse weather conditions and industrial atmosphere
  • Suitable for interior and exterior applications, even in seaside areas