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Crystalline brushable waterproofing mortar

Fields of application

Neopress® is a crystalline brushable waterproofing mortar, suitable for applications on concrete substrates and other building surfaces, for the waterproofing of basements, walls, tanks, swimming pools, manholes, planter boxes, silos, surfaces under tiles, etc.


Neopress® seals the pores of the concrete, providing absolute impermeability. It has excellent adhesion to numerous building surfaces. It exhibits high resistance to positive and negative hydrostatic pressures, as well as excellent crack-bridging properties. For enhanced properties, in case of demanding applications, it is possible to mix it with the co-polymeric emulsion Revinex®. Neopress® has been shown to provide excellent durability and impermeability to water in response to the European Norm EN 934-3. Certified with CE (EN 1504-2)