Nano-Impregnation Compounds

Waterproofing systems

Silimper Nano

20L, 3L, 1L
Silane-siloxane, water-based nano-molecular water-repellent impregnation compound


Silane-siloxane, one-component, water-based nano-molecular impregnation compound, with high penetrating ability and hydrophobic performance, ideal for applications on exterior and interior constructions surfaces as a water-repellent

Fields of application

Vertical (or inclined) mineral porous surfaces, such as concrete, cement mortars, plaster, bricks, roof tiles, joint grout, natural stone with continuous surface (i.e. without cracks)

Properties - Advantages

  • Exhibits high penetration due to its nano-molecular structure, protecting from humidity and minimizing the water uptake
  • Does not alter the appearance of the surface – no skin formation or yellowing
  • Prevents rain from impregnating the surface and protects it from cracking due to frost
  • Displays early repellence towards water, reacting chemically with the substrate
  • Facilitates the cleaning of the surface by limiting dirt pick-up & fungal growth
  • Presents high resistance to alkalis and prevents efflorescence
  • Water vapour permeable, allowing the structure to “breathe”
  • Does not contain solvents or toxic substances