Primers & Admixtures for Cementitious Mortars

Waterproofing systems

Silatex Primer


Acrylic solvent-based primer


Acrylic solvent-based primer for exterior surfaces, with high penetrating ability. Impregnates and stabilizes various substrates, as well as improves the adhesion of water-based waterproofing coatings and acrylic paints.

Fields of application

Roofs and walls made of concrete, plaster, cement screed, gypsum board, etc. or surfaces already painted with older coatings, that are to be covered with water-based waterproofing coatings (e.g. Neoproof® PU W, Neoroof®, etc) or acrylic paints (e.g. Neocryl® Sport Flex, Neocryl® Special, etc.)

Properties - Advantages

  • High penetrating ability and excellent adhesion
  • Stabilizes old and new substrates
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use
  • Water vapour permeable, allows the surfaces to “breathe”
  • Fast-drying - may be overcoated soon after its application
  • Easy to apply (one-component)