Elastomeric Liquid Membranes

Waterproofing systems

Neodur FT Elastic

Set of 5,5kg

Fields of application 

Neodur® FT Elastic is an innovative high-solid, solvent-based, brushable polyaspartic polyurea system, suitable for the protection of floors, where waterproofing and high mechanical strength are required. Ideal for car parking decks in roofs, for balconies & terraces with high traffic, for applications over tiles, or as a protective top coat over aromatic waterproofing systems. It can also be applied as a top coat over Neoproof® Polyurea systems.


Combines high abrasion resistance and mechanical durability with outstanding waterproofing properties and resistance to chemicals. Due to its aliphatic nature, it remains unaffected by sunlight and adverse weather conditions. It is resistant to early rainfall and dries quickly, allowing most projects to be completed within one day’s time.  Certified with CE (EN 1504-2)

Ral: 9003,7035,7038, 3009