Primers & Admixtures for Cementitious Mortars

Waterproofing systems


200kg, 18kg, 5kg,1kg
Multi-purpose copolymer emulsion designed to enhance the properties of cement mortars and coatings


Multi-purpose copolymer emulsion designed to enhance the properties of cement mortars and coatings. Offers remarkable impermeability to water, elasticity and adhesion, in a wide variety of building and repairing applications (e.g. cement screeds & mortars, cement-based coatings, joint grouts, plasters, tile adhesives, etc.)

Fields of application

  • Cementitious screeds in floors, with increased resistance to abrasion, hydrostatic pressures and chemical attacks
  • Plasters of high durability and impermeability to water
  • Finishing mortars of small thickness
  • Bonding between old and new concrete or cement-based mortars
  • Repairing of damaged concrete elements
  • Enhancement of properties of cementitious waterproofing coatings (Neopress®, Neopress® Crystal)
  • As an additive in cementitious tile adhesives
  • As a primer for water-based waterproofing coatings (e.g. Neoproof® PU W, Neoroof®, etc.) and paints (e.g. Neotherm® AC), as well as cementitious waterproofing systems (e.g. Revinex® Flex System)

Properties - Advantages

  • Offers impermeability to water, excellent adhesion on various substrates, as well as elasticity
  • Enhances the abrasion resistance and prevents dust generation
  • Prevents the formation of capillary cracks, caused by shrinkage and contractions-expansions
  • Raises the flexural and tensile strength, and offers increased resistance to frost
  • Improves the chemical resistance of mortars against grease, oil, dilute acids
  • Resistant to alkali environment and freeze/thaw cycles
  • Facilitates the creation of very thin layers
  • Reduces the mixing water, without compromising the mixture’s workability
  • Increases the hardness of the surface
  • Complies with REACH requirements – APEO-free
  • High solids content of 47%, with no added heavy aggregates or thickening agents