Primers & Admixtures for Cementitious Mortars

Waterproofing systems


200kg, 18kg, 5kg,1kg
Multi-purpose copolymer emulsion designed to enhance the properties of cement mortars and coatings

Fields of application

  • Renderings (cement, sand, Revinex®, lime, water, fibreglass mesh Gavazzi®).Proportion: 1-3kg Revinex®/cement bag 50kg.Purpose: Creation of waterproof, durable and crack-resistant plasters.
  • Enrichment of the cementitious waterproofing mortar Neopress® (Neopress®, Revinex®, water). Proportion: 3-5kg Revinex® / Neopress® bucket 25kg. Purposes: Waterproofing of basements, underground walls, swimming pools with increased resistance to positive and negative hydrostatic pressures.
  • Waterproof cement mortars & screeds (cement, sand, Revinex®, water).Proportion: 3-10kg Revinex® / cement bag 50kg.Purposes: Creation of slopes, levelling, grooves, joint-fillings, adhesion of tiles.
  • Concrete repair (sand, Revinex®, repairing mortar Neorep®).Step 1: 1kg Revinex® / 2-3kg cement for steel reinforcement protection in two coats (with brush or paint-brush).Step 2: 1-2kg Revinex® / 25kg repairing mortar Neorep® for surface levelling (with addition of water into the mix).Purposes: Protection of steel against corrosion and repair of damaged concrete structures.
  • Slurry - Bonding old to new concrete (cement, sand, Revinex®).Proportion (by volume): 1 part cement: 1 part sand (particle size 0-2 mm): 0,5 – 1 part Revinex® + water (as much as needed)
  • Flooring applications (cement, sand, gravel, Revinex®, water, polypropylene fibers Eurofiber®).Proportion: 5-10kg Revinex® / cement bag 50kg.Purposes: Floors with increased mechanical and chemical properties such as industrial and similar ones in repair workshops, garage, foodstuff units, laboratories.
  • Primer (cement, sand, Revinex®, water).Proportion: 7-10kg Revinex® / cement bag 50kg.Purposes: Increased adhesion of renderings or mortars onto substrate.
  • Reinforcement of tile adhesives (Tile adhesive, Revinex®, water).Proportion: 1-2kg Revinex® / tile adhesive 25kg.Purposes: Enhancement of adhesion, water impermeability, elasticity in sensitive wet areas where tiles are applied (e.g. swimming pools, bathrooms, kitchens).
  • Primer for coatings.Proportion: 1kg Revinex® diluted with 3-4 kg water. Indicative consumption: 40-60gr/m2 Enhances the adhesion of building paints, elastomeric coatings (e.g. Neoroof®) and cementitious waterproofing systems.

For potential other uses of Revinex®, as improving agent of water-borne indoor or exterior paints, please consult NEOTEX® technical department.