Primers & Admixtures for Cementitious Mortars

Waterproofing systems

Neotex Ιnox Primer

3L, 1L
Water-based primer for inox, aluminium, galvanized surfaces


Water-based, one-component primer, ideal for applications on inox and galvanized surfaces, aluminium, tinplate, glass

Fields of application

On substrates of stainless or galvanized steel, aluminium, tinplate, glass, etc. prior to the application of brushable waterproofing or protection coatings

Properties - Advantages

  • May be overcoated with water-based, solvent-based or solvent-free products, without the need for any special surface treatment prior to overcoating
  • One-component and easy to apply
  • Excellent adhesion on most glossy non-porous surfaces
  • Does not contain toxic substances or solvents
  • Fast-drying