Reinforcements for Waterproofing Systems

Waterproofing systems


5kg & 1kg plastic containers


Elastomeric acrylic mastic for sealing joints and openings

Fields of Application

Joints in concrete, glass, roof tiles, anodized aluminum, wood, etc.

Properties & advantages

  • Maintains its elasticity in a wide range of temperatures (- 40°C- +80°C)
  • Shows very good adhesion to many substrates
  • Can be recoated with any water-based paint
  • Resistant to weathering and ultraviolet radiation
  • Stable in areas with industrial atmosphere & fumes
  • Resistant to exceedingly diluted acids, bases and detergents
  • Does not contain organic solvents
  • Environmentally friendly

Technical characteristics

  • Appearance: Homogeneous paste
  • Density: 1,5 g/cm3
  • Hardness (SHORE A): 20±3
  • Elongation: 250% (25°C)
  • Shrinkage: 3,5%
  • Minimum permisible joint thikness: 3mm
  • Coverage: 1 kg seals about 6,5 m (for joints with 1 cm2 cross-section)
  • Colours: white , terracota