Elastomeric Liquid Membranes

Waterproofing systems

Neodur FT Elastic

Set of 5,5 kg in tin cans

Neodur® FT Elastic is a high-solid, solvent based, polyaspartic polyurea coating for waterproofing and flooring applications. It combines resistance to mechanical loading with excellent waterproofing properties on roof parking decks, tiled surfaces, terraces and roofs of high traffic. It can be applied as a top coat over Neoproof Polyurea systems or aromatic waterproofing systems. It is fast-drying and fast-curing, enabling the full installation of the flooring system (primer & 2 coats) within 11 hours (25oC).


Fields of application 

• Roof parking decks 
• Balconies, terraces with high traffic and tiled surfaces 
• Top coat over other waterproofing systems