Waterproofing systems


5kg plastic containers


Water-based elastomeric compound with exceptional elasticity, as an intermediate layer for interior and exterior use

Fields of application

  • Water tanks, jardinières or floors that will be covered with tiles, bathrooms, kitchens, gypsum boards, underground walls
  • Basements beneath ground level
  • Water barrier or vapour barrier before the placement of thermo-sound insulation plates

Properties & advantages

  • Prevents humidity penetration
  • Shows excellent adhesion to all construction surfaces, i.e. concrete, brick wall, metal, wood
  • Environmentally friendly with excellent resistance to radon from the ground
  • One-component and easy to apply by non specialized personnel (DIY)
  • Covers capillary cracks
  • Resistant to ageing and abrasion

Technical Characteristics

  • Based on advanced elastomers formulated with fillers, pigments and fi lm control agents
  • Density: 1,32 kg/l in 25°C
  • ph: 8,5–9,5
  • Drying time: 1-2 h
  • Coverage: 1 kg/m2 for two coats in order the final dried membrane thickness to be 0,6 mm
  • According to the specifi cations: BS 3177 and BS 8204
  • Water vapour permeability: <4gr/m2/24h for membranes thickness of 0,6 mm (according to BS 3177).
  • Tensile strength: 6,6 ΜPa
  • Elongation: above 500%
  • Colours: Grey, beige, black
  • Degree of adhesion of modified mortar on the membrane >2 N/mm2 after 14 days