Waterproofing systems


1 kg, 5 kg and 20 kg plastic containers


Special water based polymer, suitable for strong bonding

Fields of Application

  • Bonding old to new concrete
  • Bonding tile adhesives, cement mortars and self levelling cement based floor Neofloor to smooth surfaces such as metal surfaces, mosaics, marble, old tiles etc
  • As a primer and adhesion promoter of cement mortars, plasters, stucco to old cement based substrates.

Properties & advantages

  • It has very good adhesion on porous or smooth surfaces
  • High elasticity even under low temperatures
  • It is resistant to ageing

Technical characteristics

  • Appearance: Semi-transparent
  • Specific gravity (ISO 8962, DIN 51757):1,03 g/cm3
  • Solid content (ISO 1625, DIN 53189): 58 ± 1%
  • Viscosity at 23ºC (ISO 3219, DIN 53019):500-1600 m Pas
  • pH-alkalinity level (ISO 1148, DIN 53785): 4,5
  • Coverage: 1-1,5 m2/kg depend on the porosity of surface
  • Surface: Very sticky