Integrated Thermal Insulation Systems

Insulation & Energy saving


25kg carton bags


High strength cementious plaster for covering N-Thermon® thermal insulation boards

Fields of application

It is polymer-modified, cement based, mortar, for indoor or outdoor application. With the addition of 20% water, it is applied easily on N-Thermon® sheets after the application of Neobond Primer and alkaline-resistant fiberglass mesh as a reinforcement.


  • Deplast® is a ready to use premixed mortar of high thixotropy.  
  • The addition of water provides a mixture, which is easily applied on vertical surfaces  by means of trowel or rendering machine
  • Certified with CE (according to EN 998-1)

Technical characteristics

  • Mix appearance: White powder
  • Density: 1,75-1,80 g/cm3
  • Water per 100kg Deplast®: 20L
  • Consumption of fresh mix: 1,5 Kg/m2/mm
  • Minimum temperature for application: +5 oC
  • Pot life (25 oC): 1h
  • Resistance to temperature: -10oC to +80 oC
  • Max thickness for one layer: 1,5 mm