Thermal Insulation Coatings

Insulation & Energy saving

Neotherm AC

10L, 3L and 1L plastic containers


Anti-condesation paint with thermal insulating properties, suitable for interior use. It is used as an anti-condensation paint in cases of poor thermal insulation, permanently preventing the growth of mould and bacteria.      

Fields of application

Neotherm® ΑC is applied on vertical surfaces (plaster, concrete, bricks) and ceilings, prevents vapor condesation contributing to energy savings. Suitable for thermal bridges which are a basic cause of vapor condensation and the appearance of mould and bacteria, in cases of buildings with inadequate heat insulation and high humidity during the winter.

Properties and Advantages

  • Permanently and effectively prevents the development of mould
  • High water vapor permeability and low thermal conductivity (compared to conventional paints) which prevents air condensation in cold parts (such as beam junctions, ceilings, northern walls, etc.)
  • High resistance to frequent washing
  • High whiteness
  • Can be colored to coloring systems