Integrated Thermal Insulation Systems

Insulation & Energy saving

N-Thermon System

Sheets of 1,25 x 0,80m2

Innovative, thin thermal insulation system


Innovative, thin thermal insulation system. Significantly contributes to energy savings, without occupying valuable space of interior areas.

Fields of application

  • Interior surfaces, such as cold and moist walls, ceilings, basements, closets, as well as behind heating sources and furniture
  • Ideal system - due to its small thickness - for repairs and renovation in existing buildings, e.g. houses, apartments, cottages, preservable buildings, hotels, public buildings, etc.
  • Suitable also for exterior thermal insulation installations

Properties - Advantages

  • Minimizes the thermal losses and the expenses for heating and cooling
  • Minimal total thickness (between 9 and 12mm), without taking up valuable space
  • Offers energy savings up to 28,3%* with negligible VOC emissions
  • Prevents the formation of humidity and fungal growth
  • Provides quicker heating of cold rooms
  • Easy and fast installation without demolitions and bureaucratic procedures
  • High impact resistance, thanks to the specially designed plaster Deplast®
  • Exceptionally low water absorption, thanks to the density and the closed-cell structure of N-Thermon® boards, which retain their thermal insulating properties
  • Certified as a system (N-Thermon® 6mm - Deplast®) for its performance in terms of
  • Reaction to fire (Classification B-s1, d0 acc. to ΕΝ 13501-1)