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N-Thermon Glue

15kg,5kg, 1kg in plastic containers


Special glue for adhering N-Thermon®insulation sheets on surfaces such as walls and ceilings

Properties & advantages

  • Very strong adhension on masonry substrates
  • It is not affected by adverse weather conditions and maintains its strength for temperatures up to -42oC
  • Suitable for polysterene sheets
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use
  • Appropriate also for adhering Gavatex® on N-Thermon®or other masonry substrate 

Technical characteristics

  • Appearence: high viscous paste
  • Density (ISO 8962, DIN 51757): 1.53-1.55 g/cm3 
  • pH (ISO 1148, DIN 53785): 8-9
  • Material consumption: 2-2,5 m2/kg
  • Minimum application temperature: 5oC
  • The glue obtains its full endurance 48hours after application at 25oC