Integrated Thermal Insulation Systems

Insulation & Energy saving

N-Thermon System

Sheets of 1,25 x 0,80m2

Innovative thermal insulation system, space saving, ideal for interior surfaces, such as cold and moist walls, ceilings, basements, closets, as well as behind radiators and furniture. 


Properties/ Advantages

  •  Minimizes the thermal losses and the expenses for heating and cooling

  •  Total energy saving up to 28,3%

  •  Combined with the cool roof coatings Silatex® Reflect & Neoroof® the energy saving may rise up to 37,4%

  •  N-Thermon® boards are certified according to CE

  •  Provides quicker heating of rooms

  •  Due to its thickness, it contributes to the saving of valuable space, which is essential, especially in refurbishment projects of existing constructions

  •  Ideal system for repairs and renovations in existing buildings, such as detached houses, apartments, cottages, neo-classic buildings, hotels, public buildings, etc.

  •  Blocks the formation of moisture and the growth of fungi

  •  Easy and quick installation without loss of space, demolitions or bureaucratic procedures

  •  Fire resistance for N-Thermon® System with Class Β,s1,do

  •  High impact resistance, due to the specially developed resinous fireresistant plaster Deplast® certified according to CE (EN 998-1).

  •  Ecological, reduces the emissions of CO2

  •  With zero gas emissions (no VOCs)

  •  Prevents the formation of shadings in thermal bridges

  •  Resistance to chemical compounds that exist in construction materials (cement, lime, gypsum, etc.) as well as to alkalis and salts

  •  Exhibits low water absorption (only 0,1% vol.), due to its density and its closed-cell structure. Thus, it maintains its insulation properties for an extensive period of time.

  •  The boards do not rot or decompose