Elastomeric Sealants


Neotex PU Joint

600ml in sausage, 310ml in cartridge
One-component polyurethane sealant of high elasticity and adhesion


One-component polyurethane elastomeric sealant, with high adhesion on various construction surfaces

Fields of application

Sealing of horizontal or vertical joints and openings in various construction surfaces, e.g. concrete, gypsum boards, aluminium, glass, marble, ceramics,
wood, etc. in a wide range of industrial, construction and marine applications

Properties - Advantages

  • High elasticity and excellent adhesion on various substrates
  • Broad range of service temperature
  • Very good resistance to mechanical stress and chemicals
  • Durability against ageing
  • Ideal solution for vertical surfaces, without sagging
  • May be overcoated by waterproofing coatings
  • Easy to apply (one-component – cures with the ambient humidity)