Cementitious Repairing Mortars


Gavatex V2-180-A5

Roll dimensions: 50x1m


Fabric made of very fine glass fibers


It grants sure benefits in maintenance and strength at extremely competitive installation costs.
  • Shocks, tears abrasions, polishing materials, antiseptics don't damage the fabrics. It is ideal for the protection of N-Thermon® sheets.
  • By utilizing all the mechanical strength of glass fibers, it grants excellent protection against clefts and wall settling cracks.
  • Glass fiber is non-toxic and not affected by bacteria and parasitics. Being washable, maintenance of treated surfaces is extremely easy.
  • To modify colour of walls or to refresh previous paints, Gavatex® can be repainted several times without need of prior removal
  • The reticulated structure of fabrics makes Gavatex® to be permeable to air.