Bonding and Sealing Systems


Epoxol Putty

Set (Α+Β) of 6kg and 1kg
Thixotropic, two-component bonding-sealing system, based on epoxy resins


Thixotropic, two-component solvent-free epoxy system, for repairing, sealing, fixing and bonding applications, with high mechanical and chemical resistance.
It has a high viscosity to cover large gaps without flowing.

Fields of application

  • Leveling – repairing of floors prior to the application of resinous systems or coatings Epoxol®, Neopox®, Neodur®
  • Anchoring, applications - Powerful bonding of metals, concrete, wood, ceramics, PVC pipes - Repairs of local damage in vehicles (e.g. fuel tanks) - electrical uses (e.g. embedding, etc.)

Properties - Advantages

  • Consists of pure resins and selected hardeners, free of solvents, extenders or fillers, offering very high mechanical and chemical resistance
  • Excellent resistance to fresh and sea water, dilute acids, alkalis, petroleum products
  • Very high bonding ability
  • Excellent adhesion on a wide variety of substrates (cement-based, metallic, wooden, polyester, etc.)
  • Can be also used in other mixing ratios apart from the