Bonding and Sealing Systems


Epoxol Putty

Sets of 6kg, 1kg


Two-component bonding-sealing system based on epoxy resins & hardener

Fields of Application

  • Cases that demand resistance to thermal and mechanical stress, corrosive agents and impermeability to water
  • Strong bonding of metals, concrete, wood, ceramics, building materials, heat insulating tiles, polyester, hard plastics (e.g. PVC), etc.
  • Bonding aluminium, copper, iron, other metals & alloys, porcelain, PVC piping, as well as for fixing tank tiles or flooring that is in contact with water or solutions of chemicals
  • Repairing damages on cars, yachts, boats, fuel tanks, sewage piping, and can be reinforced with glass (FIBERGLASS), carbon (CARBON FIBER), and aramide (KEVLAR) fibres
  • Electrical and electronic applications (as a matrix or a sealant)

Properties & advantages

  • Consists of pure resins and selected hardeners and does not contain solvents, extenders or fillers
  • The product is off ered in many types as mentioned in the “VERSIONS” section, in order to cover all possible needs and demands
  • The usual mixing dosage for bonding is 1 part component A to 1 part component B by weight. Small deviations from this ratio do not affect the final properties signifi cantly.
  • The product may be used in other ratios, such as: mixing 2 part component A with 1 part component B produces a very hard mass, suitable for e.g. fi xing concrete reinforcements, electrical and electronic applications.
  • Mixing 1 part component A with 2-2,5 parts component B yields a product that is recommended for applications that require elasticity, such as sealing joints or gaps that withstand contractions or expansions