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Neodur Floor SF

Tough-elastic solvent-free polyurethane self-leveling system


High-strength two-component, tough-elastic solvent-free polyurethane system, for the creation of interior self-leveling floors.
Qualified for use in LEED projects globally, by showing compliance with the specifications for VOC emissions and VOC content.
Suitable for the food industry – Complies with the overall migration limits for all types of food acc. to the Commission Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food.

Fields of application

On interior floors which require very high mechanical and chemical resistance and/or elasticity of the top coating e.g. in:
  • Factories, laboratories, and warehouses
  • Parking and service garages (especially above the ground floor)
  • Food facilities, especially in refrigerating rooms where the floor is subjected to temperature fluctuations
The surfaces require appropriate preparation and priming prior to the application of Neodur® Floor SF.

Properties - Advantages

  • Tough-elastic properties – Combines high elasticity and final surface hardness with excellent resistance to mechanical and chemical stress
  • Very high impact and abrasion resistance
  • Remarkable hardness and durability
  • Excellent crack-bridging properties
  • High chemical resistance – Durable against alkalis and dilute acids, petroleum products, sea water and many solvents
  • Excellent self-levelling properties
  • Tested and evaluated for its suitability in food facilities
  • Complies with the strict VOC requirements for sustainable buildings, according to LEED guidelines
  • Provides a smooth final surface that is easily cleaned
  • Excellent adhesion on concrete substrate
  • Broad service temperature range
  • Ideal solution for floors that are subjected to extremely low temperatures or temperature fluctuations
  • Also applicable mixed with quartz sand for the creation of self-levelling coatings of high thickness (up to 3mm)
  • Suitable for the creation of highly anti-slip interior floors (with intermediate quartz broadcast)
  • Classified as SR-AR0,5-B2,0-IR10 according to ΕΝ 13813