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Neodur Pool

Sets (Α+Β) of 10kg, 5kg and 1kg
Aliphatic polyurethane coating, ideal for swimming pools


Two-component solvent-based, glossy aliphatic polyurethane coating with UV filters, ideal for the protection and decoration of swimming pools.

Fields of application

  • Exterior and interior swimming pools
  • Fountains, water tanks, boats
  • Metallic and polyesteric surfaces
The surfaces require appropriate preparation and priming prior to the application of Neodur® Pool.

Properties - Advantages

  • Remains unaffected by UV radiation and weather conditions, with exceptional resistance to yellowing – Contains UV filters
  • Highly resistant to the chlorination chemicals of swimming pools
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion and mechanical stress
  • Very high adhesion strength and scratch resistance
  • Resistant to alkalis and dilute acids, petroleum products, fresh water, sea water and many solvents
  • Broad service temperature range
  • May be also used for the creation of exterior anti-slip floors (e.g. in the pool perimeter or on stairs) by appropriate broadcast of quartz sand or incorporation of anti-slip additive
  • Remarkable durability