Επαλειπτικά στεγανοποιητικά


Neoproof Polyurea AR

Sets (Α+Β) of 19kg
Cold-applied elastomeric polyurea waterproofing coating with resistance to root penetration


Two-component, brushable elastomeric polyaspartic polyurea waterproofing coating, with resistance to root penetration.
It forms a blister-free and impermeable to moisture film, with high resistance to mechanical stress.
Thanks to its special composition, it offers long-term protection against root penetration from the planting, through the extremely high mechanical properties of the waterproofing system it creates, as well as by preventing the roots from approaching the waterproofing membrane in the first place.

Fields of application

  • Roof gardens
  • Green rooftops
  • Planter boxes

Properties - Advantages

  • Reliable protection against root penetration
  • Very high mechanical properties
  • Exceptional water uptake resistance
  • Excellent adhesion on various substrates
  • Remains elastic in a broad range of temperatures from -35°C to +80°C
  • Blister-free final surface
  • Resistant to early rain in 2 hours after its application
  • Excellent crack-bridging properties
  • Applicable by roller or airless spray
  • Long pot life
▪ Ultra-long service life secured