Elastomeric Liquid Membranes

Waterproofing systems

Neoproof Polyurea

Sets of 21kg & 5,25kg in tin cans

Neoproof® Polyurea is a 2-component, pure aliphatic, brushable polyurea waterproofing coating for roofs, when mechanical durability and outstanding waterproofing properties are required. Does not require special application equipment.  It forms a blister-free, nonpenetrating against moisture film, providing zero water absorption and remarkably high resistance against UV and mechanical stress.  



  •  Roofs made of concrete, cement boards, mosaic, cement slurries

  •  Rooftops with resistance to stagnant water

  •  Metallic surfaces, such as pipes, after the application of the proper primer (use Neopox® Special Primer 1225 in the cases where anticorrosive protection is needed) 

  •  New or old polyurethane waterproofing layers

  •  Top-coat over fast-setting sprayable aromatic polyurea

  •  Protection of polyurethane foam insulation